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Itch Solutions

Our range of highly effective solutions can offer your dog rapid relief from itch.


If you notice incessant licking, scratching, biting or chewing, there’s probably an itch you need to ditch. It could be from fleas or allergies like pollens and food types. Other causes can be contact dermatitis, mites, yeast and/or bacterial infections, or an underlying disease.


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Fast acting, safe itch relief for the control of itch associated with an underlying allergic skin condition and the associated inflammatory atopic dermatitis.

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Stop flea, tick and mite itch with a fast acticing, broad spectrum chewable treatment, that dogs reckon tastes great.

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A brand new fast acting and safe injectable treatment to treat chronic atopic dermatitis.

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Are steroids a good choice for your dog?

Steroids are one the most widely used products in skin conditions for dogs. The main side effects with steroids are excessive panting, eating, drinking and urinating. Behavioural changes have also been reported in dogs given steroids, these include nervousness, restlessness, food guarding, aggression and increased barking.

Now you can ditch the itch without steroid side effects.

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