Ditch the Itch

The flea
that goes
down a treat.

Kiwi dogs can’t resist chewing down their Simparica®
it tastes that yummy. Watch our Blind Test Video and see how the tasty flavour wins dogs over.

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Money Back Taste Guarantee

We’re so sure your dog will love the taste of Simparica, we back it with a Money Back Guarantee. So buy a Simparica single today from participating retailers, and if your dog doesn't find it tasty, we will give you your money back.*

Watch our Blind Taste Test video

Simparica. So simple, so tasty.

Flea treatment couldn’t be easier. Simparica chews work fast, killing fleas within 3 hours and kills them all within 8 hours1 - giving your best friend a full 35 days of flea protection.

Treat your dog with one chew on the 1st of each month. That’s easy to remember!

Tasty liver

Kills fleas
within 3 hours

Kills fleas,
ticks and mites

35 days

Size up your Simparica

Simparica comes in 5 different sizes for different sized dogs. Simply match your dog weight to the right Simparica pack. Choose a single monthly pack or a convenient 3-month supply.

5mg Sarolaner

For dogs: 1.3-2.5kg

10mg Sarolaner

For dogs: 2.5-5kg

20mg Sarolaner

For dogs: 5-10kg

40mg Sarolaner

For dogs: 10-20kg

80mg Sarolaner

For dogs: 20-40kg

Where to buy

Simparica is available at all good vets and pet retail stores.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I give Simparica?

Simparica is a chewable treatment for fleas, ticks and mites. You simply give one chew every 5 weeks to keep your dog protected.

How does Simparica work?

After you give your dog Simparica the ingredient sarolaner travels in your dog's blood and quickly reaches tissue fluids just under your dog's skin. As fleas and ticks bite their nervous system becomes over-stimulated and they die.

Will fleas still be able to lay eggs?

Simparica kills adult fleas so fast they don’t get a chance to lay eggs and reproduce.

Why can I still see fleas on my dog after giving Simparica?

Fleas can live in a variety of areas outside of your home as well as on other dogs that your dog may encounter. Simparica provides flea protection that works fast and lasts, so any newly arrived fleas will be killed. There’s no need to re-treat your dog until the next dose is due.

Why can I see dead ticks on my dog?

Dead ticks can still be seen on animals following treatment because of the way they burrow into your dog’s skin to attach while they feed. The dead ticks can be easily removed as opposed to live ticks which take some force to dislodge from the skin of the animals.

How long after administering Simparica can my dog be bathed or go swimming?

Immediately. Simparica can be given directly before or after bathing or swimming. Bathing, shampooing or swimming will not affect how well Simparica works.