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We can help you make some sense of this stressful situation by removing the mystery around why your dog Is itching.

The impact of itch On the skin

Itching And scratching Is one of the most common reasons For vet visits. When the itching Is driving the owner To despair, imagine how the poor dog Is feeling - especially when they can’t tell you what Is wrong!

We can help you make some sense of this stressful situation by removing the mystery around why your dog Is itching.

DR STACEY TREMAIN talks about the effectiveness of Simparica®

Dr Stacey Talks About Simparica

Managing Atopic Dermatitis

debbie simpson

Debbie Simpson BVSc MANZCVS (Small Animal Medicine) FANZCVS (Veterinary Dermatology)

Atopic dermatitis Is a complex disease of dogs And cats, involving a reaction To allergens in the environment, similar To eczema, hayfever And asthma in people. Atopic dermatitis cannot be cured, just As allergic skin disease in people cannot be cured, however by identifying the triggers accurately (For example With intradermal skin testing) it Is possible To minimise exposure To certain triggers such As dust mites. The aim of management Is To change the body’s response To the allergens With immunotherapy If possible, treat infection, moisturise the skin To improve the barrier Function And manage itch With medications To reduce self trauma And allow the skin And coat To return To a healthy condition. Good management of skin conditions allows our beloved pets To live happy healthy comfortable lives free from itch And means we can all sleep more easily!

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Dr Helen Orbell BSc BVSc MANZCVS (Small Animal Medicine) Dermatology Resident

helen orbell

Itching Is a very common reason For people To seek help For their dog from their veterinarian And there are many reasons why dogs itch. Common causes are fleas, atopic dermatitis And infections. Atopic dermatitis Is an allergic skin disease due To a hypersensitivity To allergens (eg. pollens, moulds, dust mites, cotton) which can be identified by allergy testing. Foods can also be atopic allergens. Additionally, food allergy And contact allergy can also cause itching. Allergic skin conditions are often associated With changes To the skin’s ability To form a protective barrier, And this leads To infections which exacerbate the itch. Itching due To atopic dermatitis can be reduced in most dogs With Apoquel And Cytopoint but they are much less effective If skin And ear infections, other allergies And fleas are Not identified And managed. Immunotherapy, a more natural therapy, And allergen avoidance require allergy testing.

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Effectiveness of these treatments vs steroids?

Steroids are one the most widely used products in skin conditions For dogs. The main side effects With steroids are excessive panting, eating, drinking And urinating. Behavioural changes have also been reported in dogs given steroids, these include nervousness, restlessness, food guarding, aggression And increased barking. Talk To your veterinarian To Get more information.